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Mostly  everyone have a dream to be slim and toned, but the realism is that it is far easier to gain weight than to drop it, as it is not the fairy tale.

Being overweight is when you have a high calories intake with lack of physical activity. Sedentary life styles to passed all the day lay down on the couch to play games, and watching movie's with lack of exercises .

30 percent of the population’s considered to be overweight and have a risk to develop chronic health illness and may be fatal depend upon the condition.

To lose weight you should limited your calorie intake by make a monthly meal plan, or do regular exercise like walking is the more easy and effective way.

Weight management is not just about the miracle pills . It takes work, more time and commitment. 

The weight you are trying to lose probably not appear in a one day.

The article is provided you motivation for a weight loss guide.

It’s All About The ways To Weight Loss :

Healthy diet/ Eat enough healthy food/Eat right :