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Mostly  everyone have a dream to be slim and toned, but the realism is that it is far easier to gain weight than to drop it, as it is not the fairy tale.

Being overweight is when you have a high calories intake with lack of physical activity. Sedentary life styles to passed all the day lay down on the couch to play games, and watching movie's with lack of exercises .

30 percent of the population’s considered to be overweight and have a risk to develop chronic health illness and may be fatal depend upon the condition.

To lose weight you should limited your calorie intake by make a monthly meal plan, or do regular exercise like walking is the more easy and effective way.

Weight management is not just about the miracle pills . It takes work, more time and commitment. 

The weight you are trying to lose probably not appear in a one day.

The article is provided you motivation for a weight loss guide.

It’s All About The ways To Weight Loss :

Healthy diet/ Eat enough healthy food/Eat right :

Low Carbohydrate/High protein. The carbohydrates are mainly responsible to make you fat gain but many carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains are essential for feeling full on fewer calories.Set your goals to consume carbohydrates in limited amount.

  1. Avoid sugar and starches
  2. Eat proteins,fruits,vegetables and soluble fibre
  3. Drink coffe or tea.
  4. Cut the salt,soda,fruit punch and alcohol drink from your diet .

Breakfast : 
Routine your breakfast everyday with a low-fat, high fiber breakfast like whole grain cereal, fruit and fat-free milk (skimmed milk ) or yogurt.Research shows that the people who consume breakfast routinely with a healthy weight as compare to those without breakfast.Although mostly peoples think by eliminate or cutting breakfast they will lose their calories, the opposite is true..

Eat at home: 
As soon as possible start with a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner .

HCG, Sensa ,Master Cleanse,Green Coffee Bean Extract,Raspberry Ketones ,Gluten Free,Magic Weight Loss Tea Can Help You To Reduce In Fat By Burning The More Calories.

Digest and absorb: 
Chew your food completely in order to activation of gastric stimulation ,to release the bile juice and have efficient pancreatic function to further digest and absorb nutrients .You should have a healthy gut that can absorb the nutrients,may you improve by the addition of probiotics  in your diet.

Probiotic foods and supplements help to balance improve digestive system, balance hormones, stronger immunity, and suppress your apetite in order to lose weight ,you can get it from many foods naturally and from supplements. Yogurt is considered as a best probiotics because of the presence of lactobacillus ,a good bacteria that fights from the bad bacteria and prevent from the dysentery by improving in defense system .

Drink Plenty Of Water :

Drink Water Instead Of Consumption Of Sugary Drinks Like Soda, Punch, Juice Or Sweetened Beverages. Soda’s can be your enemy.75% Of ratio are chronically dehydrated that tends To increases In stress hormones,slows detoxification and causes weakness and fatigue.

Detoxify and eliminate what you don’t need :
We live in a toxic world where we all of us have exposure to pollutant. Liver and kidney that plays the role to detoxify the toxins , many toxins are stored in fat. Detoxification diets are the Olive oil 2T and ½ lemon each morning,organic foods,detox shakes,detox baths,supplements,restful mindset and exercise.

Manage your stress : 
Avoid foods that stimulate sensitivities, or allergies  In response to the inflammation, adrenal glands to secrete the cortisol (stress hormone) to reduce the inflammation by activation of giant of macrophages and monocytes. Long term activation of cortisol leads to increased in the insulin resistance and fat around your waist and the body. The cycle begins to develops extra fat and can’t lose it.  Food sensitivity, infections and toxin accumulation can all accelerate aging and contribute to weight gain around our waists.

Sleep : 
Sleep well 8 hours/night ,as it is the best natural way to balance your stress hormone.

Exercise your body :

To lose weight, the amount of energy you use should be balance by the exercises. 

Through exercise you drop the extra fat ,also results in the reduced cholesterol level  that may prevent you from the serious health illness.

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension.
Aerobic activities ,cardio exercises and steady-state exercises such as walking, running, swimming, cycling can help you to burn your extra fat.

Push up (chest, shoulders and arms, crunch (abdomen) , curl(biceps), squat(thighs, butt), reverse dip (triceps),row(back and shoulders),cardio are the exercises for the weight loose.

Phen375 is a supplement designed for weight loss with ingredients including L-Carnitine ,Dehydroepiandrosterone  and Trimethylxanthine that helps to faster metabolism, supress appetites, reduced cholesterol level boost energy level, healthy and fit body .